America Pray

I’ve always been Patriotic! I still get teary eyed seeing our flag waving in the wind with the sounds of The Star Spangled Banner being played in the background, or the color guard marching slowly and solemnly to the beat of a drum. Never before in the history of our nation have we been attacked as we were on 9/11. The realization that our beloved America, so strong, so able to always stand indestructible above the other nations of the world, suddenly brought down to our knees with our very breath knocked out of us was more than my heart could stand! So after 9/11, I became “consumed” with, what I believe was such Divine inspiration that out of that passion and love for Him and for our beloved America, “America Pray!“, was birthed! I wanted not only to address what happened on that fateful day, but remind America of what this country was birth on, even taking us back to that “grave situation” when Washington and his men were losing the war, many of them starving and freezing to death. “Then in the distance they saw him, drop to his knees to pray, their Commander in Chief birthed on his knees, OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!” I’ve also included a song of great comfort in these desperate days of war when many hearts are still full of terror and fear. “He Covers Me“, fills the heart with comforting words right out of the book of Psalms; “tho’ a thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand shall fall at my right hand”, “beneath His wings, in the Shadow of the Almighty, I shall discover my Elder Brother, protects and covers me!”. . . . . . . Carolyn

Listen to ‘America Pray’ and view the video here: