Commenting on the song He Covers Me which has gone to #1 over WSOR, Ft. Myers,FL. “Every time we play He Covers Me the phone rings off the wall!! (The song) grabs your attention . . . . I think you have something there that could go places! It’s in high rotation; (being played) 3 or 4 times a day!”
– Joe, WSOR, Ft. Myers, FL

“Completely in it’s own category . . . nothing out there quite like it. You have your own sound, your own special anointing . . . has blessed us so much. (He Covers Me) . . . love arrangements, players, keep doing what you’re doing, don’t ever change.”
– Frank Amadeo, WFGB, WPGL, WLJP, WRPJ; NY

“Rarely have we ever had this much response over a song for more than a day or so! Your song, (He Covers Me), is just blessing our listeners. . .people call in crying!!” (Had a woman call in for a free give-a-way from another artist. She said, “What I’d really like to have is the tape Born to Fly by Carolyn Gillman.
– Kate, WSOR FM, Ft. Myers, FL

“Great production! We love it!”
– Brian A. Larson, WNGN; Buskirk, NY

“Every time we play He Covers Me the phone rings off the wall! It really grabs your attention….I think you have something there that could go places! (It’s in high rotation, being played 3 & 4 times a day!!)
Joe, WSOR Ft. Myers, FL

“Very good quality…both lyrics and music composition. We could use more quality music like this! THANKS! He Covers Me, great!”
– Dave Becker, KWAVE; Homer, AK

“Our market is south metro Atlanta, Middle Georgia, and N. Macon. Thank you!!! We love this sound!”
– Joe Emert, WMVV; Lovejoy, GA

“Great CD!” — Scott Lenning, KHBT; Humboltd, IA

“Unbelievable the response your music is generating in this area!!”
–Mike, Ft. Myers, FL

“Bright! Fresh!” — KGDP; Maria, CA

“Good music! If you have any promo items for on air giveaways we would be interested” — Debbie Feemster, KMTC; Russleville, AR

“Thank you…we love your music!” — Margaret Gallups, WNPH; Pleasant Grove, AL (we cover Birmingham)

He Covers Me is super!! Very good, thanks!! — Carmen Johnson, KNBO; New Boston, TX

“The entire project is worthy of airplay. Voice and instrumentation come together delightfully. All will be heard on my “What’s New” show.” — Mark Napolean, WKTA; Wheelin, IL

“These songs are perfect for our Praise and Worship segments! Please send any other of her releases.” — Sally L. Buchanan, WPRL; Warrenton, VA

“We will play all songs on the CD…it will bless our listeners.” — Nina Stewart, KOKS; Poplar Bluff, M

He Covers Me came in #13 on WCSG in their end of the year Users Poll for best song of the year!” — Marguerite, Paw Paw, MI

“People are going crazy over He Covers Me!! I had to sell the store CD (demo)!!” — Sandy, Heavenbound Books, Naples, FL

“Had the pleasure of hearing your CD from a friend. . . . she gave me your number. . . .such a neat song, (He Covers Me)” — Cindy, Newaygo, MI

“I was electrified when I heard you sing He Covers Me on radio some time back…I immediately called WCSG to find out how I could get a copy.”
– Susan, Richland, MI

“There is healing in your music.”
– Kim, Lakeland, FL

“My wife said `You’ll love that song, He Covers Me,’ and I heard it on the way…it was soul grabbing; I started slapping the steering wheel!! I checked every record store in Kalamazoo, even specialty stores. We called the radio station and the DJ was on the air but I would not hang up until I got the ordering information!”
– Randy, Kalamazoo, MI

(Placing an order for CD’s and Cassettes for his bookstore) “It’s unbelievable the response your music is generating in this area!!”
Mike, Ft. Myers, FL

After hearing He Covers Me on the radio– “Please, can you Fed-X the CD to me overnight? It is beautiful.”
Carlos, Caledonis, MI

“My back was healed while listening to your tape!”
Lakeland, FL

“I saw you on TV…the song you sang, He Covers Me, was used by the Holy Spirit to minister to me and blessed me so much…Would you please send me a tape?”
Joni, Spring Hill, FL

“This morning I heard music that gave me chills. I called WCSG in Grand Rapids…they gave me your address and suggested I write to you because your wonderful song, He Covers Me is not available to the public yet…would love to have a CD!” Karen, Hickory Corners, MI

“My son was in a coma due to head injuries caused by an auto accident. We played the tape over and over for him and now he has come out of the coma and is recovering.” Lakeland, FL

“I love the CD and play it all the time!!” S